Specialists in on-off hire inspection in A Coruña

Specialists in on-off hire inspection in A Coruña

Especialistas en la inspección on-off hire

Ship inspection in A Coruña before and after your rental

At C&C Peritaciones Marítimas del NW we work to offer a comprehensive service as Marine Surveyors. That is why we carry out On-Hire Surveys / Off-Hire Surveys and Bunker Surveys, because it is very important for a client when chartering a vessel to limit their liability by ensuring that they have the correct information about the condition of the vessel and for the work required in connection with the charter party. It is therefore in the client's interest to have an independent survey carried out on their behalf, which will be used as evidence of their liabilities during the charter period.

This is a focused inspection of cargo spaces, holds, hatch covers, sealing, etc. It may also include documentation, certificates, machinery spaces, performance reports, structural integrity of the vessel, installations, systems, operation and degree of maintenance.

The surveyor will also assess the actual quantity of fuel on board at the time of delivery to the charterer or owner. He shall take the necessary tank soundings and gauge readings and compare them with the calibration tables, taking into account actual density and temperatures.

Are you looking for a ship inspection company in A Coruña (NW of Spain / North of Portugal)? We are experts in On Hire / Off Hire / Bunkers inspections, we guarantee a fast and accurate report on the condition of the vessel and the existing fuel on board.

What is the difference between On Hire and Off Hire?

inspección on hire en A Coruña

On hire

The On Hire inspection work that we carry out is aimed at studying the condition of the Ship before it is rented. The objective of this task is to ensure that the Ship is in optimal condition for use and that, for example, it has dents, scratches or any other damage.

We are in charge of evaluating in detail the physical condition of the Ship to know how it is at the time a person is going to rent it so that it can be returned in the same conditions.

In this vessel inspection we also check the fuel level to know the amount of fuel the Ship has at the beginning of the rental.

This service is very important so that both the lessee and the lessor know the status of the Ship and can avoid future misunderstandings after going sailing.

inspección off hire en A Coruña

Off hire

In the same way that we do the Ship inspection before charter, we proceed to do it once people return the Ship.

In this case the process is known as Off Hire, and through it we can determine the state it is in when it returns.

In this case, the professionals who make up C&C Maritime Surveys of the NW evaluate the physical condition of the Ship and, if there are any, we identify any new dents or scratches it may have. We are also in charge of controlling the fuel that the Ship has at that moment.

Vessel inspection is crucial to ensure that both the lessee and the lessor comply with the agreed terms and, if there are defects, to be able to resolve them fairly.

What do we check with the boat inspection in A Coruña?

In On and Off Hire Ship inspections we are responsible for exhaustively examining the condition of a Ship before and after its rental. During these tasks, our naval experts will evaluate the condition of the Ship in very detail, this means that we will identify and record if it has dents, scratches or any other damage it may have.

Another check that is always done in the Ship inspection is that related to fuel. We will verify the amount of diesel that the vessel has before leaving and, of course, at the time it is returned to the company or owner.

On Hire and Off Hire jobs are ideal to ensure transparency when charter a Ship. As naval experts we will offer you a reliable record of the conditions in which the vessel was delivered and returned.

Do you need more information about Ship appraisal services in A Coruña? I was able to contact the C&C Peritaciones Marítimas del NW. We will be happy to assist you.

inspección on-off hire en A Coruña

Reasons to trust our On Hire and Off Hire service

Complete review

In the Ship inspection work in A Coruña we are in charge of carrying out a complete inspection. We are meticulous and detail-oriented professionals, so you can trust the reports and records that we will make after the evaluation.

Wide experience

The team at C&C Peritaciones Marítimas del NW have many years of experience as experts in ship surveys in A Coruña. If you have questions about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.


Each of the reports we prepare after ship inspection is unique. We go on site to the port to be able to evaluate the Ship and be able to attend to each and every one of the details it presents.

Inspección de buques tanto para particulares como empresas

Ship inspection for both individuals and companies

We offer our On Hire and Off Hire inspection services to both individuals and companies. This process is requested, above all, by those people who rent Ships and who need to have a report to know its status before charter it and after.

The ship inspection service we offer in A Coruña is crucial to protect the interests of both lessees and lessors.

On-Off Hire en A Coruña

Contact us to carry out an On-Off Hire check in A Coruña

We are an expert company in ship inspection in A Coruña. Thanks to many years of experience carrying out Ship survey work, we can carry out On Hire and Off Hire inspections to know the condition of a Ship before and after its rental. Do you need us? Contact us.