Surveys and appraisals in Oleiros (A Coruña)

Expert services in Oleiros (A Coruña)

C&C Peritaciones Marítimas del NW

C&C Peritaciones Marítimas del NW is an independent surveyor's office, based in La Coruña, which was born in 2010 from the union of two maritime professionals with an accumulated experience of more than 25 years.

We can offer you our services as Marine Surveyors, Loss Adjusters and Valuers.

Specialised in the maritime sector, we also cover surveys related to the transport of goods both by sea and land.

We carry out inspections and controls of goods in general, including sampling, inspections of quality, quantity, packaging, container loading, sealing of containers and holds. Stowage and lashing controls, shipping controls, valuations, draft surveys, On/Off Hire, etc.

We also carry out inspections on pleasure boats, fishing boats and other types of vessels. We put at your disposal our team, which has a great experience in this profession.

The human team of C&C Peritaciones Marítimas del NW has as an objective, in our mission as Marine Surveyors an Loss Adjusters, to carry out a careful follow-up of the incident, from the immediate intervention in the same, putting all the necessary means to minimize as much as possible the incident, investigate the responsibilities of the entities involved in the same, formally inviting all of them to contradictory expertise, opening the door to possible recoveries by our principals and collect all the necessary supporting documents to be able to document as widely as possible our Damage Certificates.

Our field of action is Galicia, North of Spain and Portugal, although we can move to other ports in Spain and Portugal.

C&C Peritaciones Marítimas del NW

Our distinguishing features


Our company is well-known in this field because of our expert services during these 20 years.


The best assurance for our future clients are our experience and our past awesome results.


Our main goal as company is to offer the best expert services with a high quality.


We are working in Galicia (NW Spain) and North of Portugal and offering a personalized service.

Expert services in Galicia and Northern Portugal

Expert services in Galicia and Northern Portugal

Our areas of activity are the following:

  • Transport damages.
  • Goods inspections.
  • Fishing and leisure boats inspections.
  • Conditions survey.
  • Cars inspections.
  • Draft survey.
  • On & Off hire survey.
  • Bunkers survey.
  • Containers stuffing/destuffing inspection.
  • Holds inspection.
  • Hatch covers inspection.
  • Cargo inspection.
  • Lashing inspection.

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In C&C Peritaciones Marítimas del NW offer expert services in different areas: transport, hulls, boats... as commissioners of breakdowns, appraisers, inspections and general merchandise controls.

If your company develops its professional activity in any of these areas or you need some type of appraisal, do not hesitate to contact us through our website.

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