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Choosing us to calculate the draft of your boat is a success

A draft survey is a calculation of the weight of cargo loaded or unloaded to or from a ship from measurents of changes in its displacement.

The draft survey is performed by reading the ship’s draft on the draft markings at six standard points on the hull: forward, midships and aft on both port and starboard sides. Corrections for factors such as trim, water density and non-cargo weight changes are made before calculating the cargo weight change.

A draft survey is a means of determining the weight of any materials being loaded into (or discharged from) a vessel. The CyC Marine Surveyor´s experienced and highly qualified professionals can conduct a draft survey on your behalf and produce an independent draft survey report.

Do you need professionals to calculate the draft of a boat in A Coruña (NW of Spain / North of Portugal)? Looking for Draft Survey experts? It is time to contact our expert team of Marine Surveyors.

Main functionalities of the Draft Survey service in A Coruña

Check load quantities

The Draft Survey allows you to verify the amount of cargo carried by a ship. What we do is measure in an exact and precise way the weight of the loaded and unloaded cargo.

Ensure the boat is not overloaded

The work we do to calculate the draft of a boat in A Coruña is also useful to ensure that the boat does not become overloaded and has a safe passage.

Contribute to the calculation of the ship's stability

The merchandise can destabilize the ship, so it is important that it is controlled. Draft Survey work is essential to guarantee and secure maritime traffic.

We work quickly and efficiently to measure the draft of your vessel

The task of calculating the draft of a ship in A Coruña is a process that develops relatively quickly, being completed in just a couple of hours.

This service, known as Draft Survey, is very accurate. From our company we can accurately calculate the amount of cargo that a ship has on board. The most characteristic of the method we use to calculate drafts is that the use of heavy or complex machinery is not required.

The C&C Maritime Surveys team from the NW will travel directly to the port where the vessel is loaded and unloaded to carry out the Draft Survey on site. Thanks to this, we can offer our clients an agile, reliable and accurate service.

The objective we have as marines surveyors is to offer our clients practical and effective solutions for the maritime industry.

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 herramienta crucial en el sector marítimo

Why is the Draft Survey so important?

The Draft Survey is a crucial tool in the maritime sector, mainly due to its ability to effectively and quickly measure the amount of cargo carried by a vessel.

This technique, which, as we said, is based on the calculation of the ship's draft, is essential for both buyers of the goods and sellers. This is because it verifies the exact weight of the ship's cargo at the time of departure and docking at port.

As a company that offers Draft Survey services in A Coruña, we guarantee transparency and fairness in our measurements that directly affect commercial transactions. Counting on our work, what will be achieved is to increase confidence between the parties and, in addition, prevents there from being discrepancies in the weight of the load.

Although the fundamental objective of calculating the draft of a ship is to measure the weight of the merchandise, the result also contributes to the safety of navigation.

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Calculation of ship draft in A Coruña to cover all needs

Owners of the goods

Owners of the goods

The Draft Survey service is essential for cargo owners to know exactly the amount of merchandise they are sending and, therefore, the client will have to pay for. By being able to calculate the draft of a ship, what we achieve are fair and transparent transactions, which improves commercial relations.

Compradores de cargas

Cargo buyers

For the person who buys the merchandise, knowing the exact weight is essential, since payment will be made to the supplier based on that measurement. Our Draft Survey service in A Coruña has a total guarantee, you will know that the data we offer you corresponds exactly to the amount of merchandise that is on the boat.

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