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Expert services in Galicia and Nothern Portugal

In C&C Peritaciones Marítimas del NW in Oleiros (La Coruña) perform different expert services in a wide range of areas of activity, following in all our works our philosophy of rigor and technical professionalism. Our more than 20 years in this areas and a great professional team have made us a powerful company in Galicia and North of Portugal.

Our areas of activity are the following:

Transport damages inspections

  • Overturning vehicles.
  • Wetting in transports.
  • Refrigerated goods damages.
  • Salvage operations controls.
  • Damages during transport.
  • Thefts.
  • Faults of goods on arrival.
  • State and damages to perishable goods.
  • Damages to goods due to lack of cold.

Goods inspections

  • Condition of goods.
  • Inspections of quantity.
  • Inspections of quality.
  • Packing inspection.
  • Quality inspection (analysis).
  • Weight inspection.
  • Perishable goods conditions prior to loading.

Fishing and leisure boats inspections

  • Accident damage inspection.
  • Repair inspections.
  • Tracking repairs.
  • Boat evaluation.
  • Inspectionsfor trades.

Conditions survey

A general inspection of the ship will be carried out, paying special attention to the following elements:

  • Hull.
  • Hold.
  • Superstructures.
  • Main and auxiliary machinery.
  • Ballast tanks.

Cars inspections

  • Cars inspections before and/or after transportation.
  • Vehicle lashing inspection.

Draft survey

  • Certificates of inspection of warehouses prior to loading.
  • Weight certificate for difference of drafts.
  • Draft survey report.
  • Certificate of sealing wineries with foam or Rammeck.

On & Off hire survey

  • Damages on the vessel (handrails, stairs, holds, hatches...).
  • Fastening material count (bars, twist locks...).
  • Quantities of fuel on board issuing certificates of:
    • Delivery or redelivery Certificate.
    • On or Off hire & bunker survey.

Bunkers survey

Sounded all of vessel's bunkers tanks it is determined, using tables supplied by vessel, the amounts of fuel oil and gas oil were on board at that time, indicating if are high or low sulful.

Containers stuffing/destuffing inspection

  • General conditions survey.
  • Loading/unloading containers control.
  • Stowage and lashing control.
  • Transshipped control.
  • Sealed containers.
  • Watertight control.

Holds inspections

  • Hatchcoaming inspection.
  • Watertight control.
  • Holds and bilges inspection.

Hatch covers inspections

  • Supervision of seals.
  • Cargo inspection prior unloading, specially checking cleaning, accidental water, temperature...

Cargo inspection

  • Cargo inspection, stowage and lashing of general cargo heavy cargo, specials cargo, heavy machinery...
  • Inspection and survey report of cargo prior and during loading/unloading operations.
  • Inspection of equipment to use during loading/unloading operations (cranes, cargo slings, shackles, spreaders...).

Lashing inspection

Inspection of the lashing operations and materials using for lashing.

Our distinguishing features

  • Icon of experience

    Our company is well-known in this field because of our expert services during these 20 years.

  • Icon of assurance

    The best assurance for our future clients are our experience and our past awesome results.

  • Icon of quality

    Our main goal as company is to offer the best expert services with a high quality.

  • Icon of strength

    We are working in Galicia (NW Spain) and North of Portugal and offering a personalized service.