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Request expertise in C&C Peritaciones Marítimas del NW

In C&C Peritaciones Marítimas del NW in Oleiros (La Coruña) we offer expert services in different sectors: transport, hulls, boats ... as commissioners of breakdowns, appraisers, inspections and controls of goods in general. We carry out our work in areas of Galicia and Northern Portugal.

If your company develops its professional activity in any of these sectors or needs some type of appraisal, do not hesitate to contact us through the following form.

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Our distinguishing features

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    Our company is well-known in this field because of our expert services during these 20 years.

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    The best assurance for our future clients are our experience and our past awesome results.

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    Our main goal as company is to offer the best expert services with a high quality.

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    We are working in Galicia (NW Spain) and North of Portugal and offering a personalized service.