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Últimos trabajos en peritaciones marítimas

1 carpeta y 20 álbumes

En nuestra galería podrá consultar los últimos trabajos en bateas, cargas especiales, electrodos, marisco vivo, papel, acero, alimentos.
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Cargas especiales

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Precintado bodegas /sealing report

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Certificad de precintado bodegas /sealing report

Cristal / glass

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Our distinguishing features

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    Our company is well-known in this field because of our expert services during these 20 years.

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    The best assurance for our future clients are our experience and our past awesome results.

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    Our main goal as company is to offer the best expert services with a high quality.

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    We are working in Galicia (NW Spain) and North of Portugal and offering a personalized service.